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As proven industry experts and your preferred closing company, we will always share our tips for mutual success!

1.      Open, proactive and truthful communication: be as transparent as possible with all parties.  Keeping an open communication will always procure a happy and smooth transaction while avoiding any misunderstandings and unnecessary frustration.

2.      Be on top of your critical dates: prepare a checklist in every transaction and use reminders in youre production platform to make sure all inspections and deadlines are met on time.  Good, simple organization will help you keep track of the transaction and not the transaction keep track of you!;

3.      Request extensions at least 2 days before they are due: avoid any last minute extension requests.  If you are not going to be able to meet a deadline, you should know this at least 2 days prior to the deadline approaching.  Submit extension requests with ample time, even if you are still working on meeting the deadline.;

4.      Form a team with industry professionals:  real estate transactions require the use of multiple professionals.  Make sure you go into the most professional hands and the ones that will protect your interest and not the counter-part’s.

5.      Treat any person as you would like to be treated: a good personal relationship with the counter-part is the key to a successful transaction.  If you treat all parties with respect, they will respect you even more.  Be professional in all communication; saying or typing “hello” only takes an extra second but makes a huge deal of a difference.;

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