Close your deal the right way – The AppleTower Way

Close your deal the right way – The AppleTower Way

Change.  Adapt. I know that those two words are in your daily vocabulary if you plan to make it for good in the real estate industry.  In less than 5 years, the document that controls the financial aspect of all transactions, the HUD-1, will be changing for yet the 2nd time.  With that, comes plenty of disclosures, rules and regulations that will ultimately affect how our closings are handled and the timing of such.  Is your title company or Attorney ready for it?  We certainly are!

AppleTower Title & Escrow opens its doors to your success!  The new alternative is here, arriving right when the industry needs it the most.  We proudly put over 15 years of proven closing experience at your client’s disposition, utilizing only the best tools to better serve you.  Our signature “AppleMatic” closing cost estimator and our Paperless Closer system are just two of the many innovative tools that we provide to increase your productivity, while our staff focuses in providing unparalleled service based in open and honest communication.  We work hard for your success!

Years of successful planning with my family, friends, colleagues and most importantly, clients, are now an AppleTower reality in a market which is eager for educated, realtor-centric companies.  Today, on our first anniversary, we extend a big THANKS to all of you who have trusted our services.  Proudly making honor to our families, we combine our last names (Manzano-Latorre) to launch the new generation in closings: AppleTower Title & Escrow.  We look forward to becoming an essential part of your real estate team and invite you to change in a time where only the fittest will survive!


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