Borrowers / Lenders

Interest rates fluctuate on a monthly basis.  For many of us, this represents an opportunity to obtain a better interest rate or loan terms.  If you have identified this opportunity, you will probably go through a process commonly known as “refinance” (or finance) of your loan.

While the Lender is the one that will give you the new terms and interest rate, you will still need the services of a title insurance company to insure the new loan being made collateralized by your property.  Let us guide you through this process.

Backed up by only the best title insurance underwriters, our policies are accepted by all Lenders in the Nation.  We carry all required Surety and Fidelity bond as well as Errors and Omissions insurance above the minimum Lender’s requirements.

Our online tools makes it easier for your Lender to instantly disclose your closing costs.  Our free, online AppleMatic Costimator gives you real-time closing costs disclosure for immediate use.  Provide us with your current title insurance policy and we will apply discounted rates on title insurance premiums.

Our paperless technology will provide you with the latest updates for your closing.  Critical documents are automatically published to our online portal.  All the parties involved in the transaction will get 24/7 access to your electronic file, opening up communication between the parties.  Our online tools will empower and give you all the tools as your Lender or Loan Originator may need at any particular time.

Our team of closing experts have full knowledge and clearly understand the Lender’s language.  We will coordinate all the necessary items to make sure your loan closes as scheduled, while assisting you through every step of the process.

Contact us now for a free, no obligation consultation or click here to access our “AppleMatic Costimator” for instant calculation of closing costs.  Click here to print out your $100.00 coupon towards the Closing Fee.