Industry Professionals

We understand how important open communication is in any real estate transaction.  We also understand that most of the time the end-client is relying much on their Realtor or Loan Originator for questions in regards to their transaction.  We have the answer: COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION.  We strive to be the best communicators and make sure to answer questions even before they are asked!!

Our closing experts will proactively provide you with updates twice a week on all your transactions.  Additionally, you get access to our title production system in which you will be able to check your file status 24/7 and have access to digital images of the most critical documents.  You will have a direct contact for your file with whom you can communicate via direct phone number, E-mail, facsimile or through our online production system.

Our “pre-contract” tools really set us apart.  Our FREE AppleMatic Costimator helps to provide accurate closing figures to your clients.

For Buyers or Borrower, our online system will provide them with accurate closing costs, being either a financed or “cash” deal.  It will instantly disclose all the fees (with the exception of the Lender’s) that will be assessed at closing, including transfer taxes as applicable.  If the quote saved, that acts as a guarantee for the Lender that our closing costs will not change and therefore will not cause any tolerance issues.  We stand behind our system and will cure any tolerance issues caused by our AppleMatic Costimator.

For Sellers, our online system will provide with an automated Net Sheet, giving them a sense of what they will be walking away with at the closing.  You can have them even run up to 3 head to head multiple scenarios for different selling prices so they can quickly compare to respond to any offer.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best: selling properties and originating loans.

Let us become part of your team and thrill you with outstanding service.  We want to help you in your mission to provide outstanding service and are here to assist you through every single step.

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